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Sports Vision

Whether you are an athlete competing where fractions of seconds and 1 score makes a difference or if you participate for fun, your performance matters. Vision performance is essential at all levels.

Your vision system is your main system for responding to your environment and its automatic responses can be trained for accuracy and speed. At all levels it is more fun if your performance is improving and you are doing well.
Studies have shown that a better tuned visual system prevents injury. Imagine if you can plan your response in advance that you can avoid the head-to-head contact, the quick last-minute turn that blows out the knee or tears the hamstring.

The frequency of training is determined by your goals. Think of this office as your vision coach. You might touch in from time to time to work on a skill. You might have a particular problem to work through. You might want ongoing input to keep moving forward. It’s up to you. Tell us what you want to achieve and we will assess what visual skills need to be addressed to get you there.

Baseline screenings are available pre-concussion so that you know when it is safe to return to play or to spot the mild to moderate concussion that might be missed court-side. Pre-concussion screening includes visits throughout the year to see if a concussion is likely.