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Vision Transformation - Vision Training in Lakewood, Colorado

At Vision Transformation we have technology and assessments that help us to fit the most complicated cases with specialty contact lenses and glasses. We work with expert opticians to provide the best quality lenses without adding to the cost of lenses

Elevate your eye care to the next level with Vision Transformation.

Our Eye Exams & Optometry Services

eye care services

Ensuring crisp and clear vision is only one part of first-rate eye care. In addition to testing visual acuity, our Lakewood optometrist focus on the ways you use your eyes, the demands as well as the stresses you face to optimize your vision in real-life situations. The goal is optimum comfort, clarity and ability, protecting your vision from the stresses that cause your eyes to degrade over time.

By using the latest in optometric technology, we will inspect your eyes thoroughly with a comprehensive vision examination and vision assessment. Our optometric experts remain up-to-date with the rapid progress in medicine and technology so that you benefit from precise diagnoses and optimal treatments.

Many common eye diseases, such as macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma, do not present symptoms until a later stage. For early detection and effective medical treatment of eye disease, make sure to get routine eye exams by visiting our highly qualified and skilled optometrist in Lakewood, Colorado.

Our Vision Training Services


Because of the widespread representation of vision in the brain, it is vulnerable to injury. Since vision impacts all areas of performance the treatment of vision problems that arise from injury is paramount.


In the context of visual training we set up conditions for the individual to learn how to pay attention, to redirect attention when it is lost, and to be able to self-direct in an environment filled with distractions.


Many vision problems do not require surgery for correction. In these situations, vision therapy is typically an option. Vision therapy is a form of physical therapy used on the eyes and brain.

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Kruger has worked with me on my goals at my pace, while also teaching me big picture concepts that help me work on my vision…

I got connected with Dr. Kruger from a practitioner that changed my perspective on vision back in Arizona. I'd had worsening vision problems since childhood, but was experiencing even more difficulty and I was in my mid twenties. No other eye doctor could explain why and just put me in stronger and stronger lenses (and bifocals). While this helped me see better, it didn't sit right with me and I wanted to know WHY my eyes were like this.Dr. Kruger helped me understand how vision works, and then also how it responds to stress and trauma -- essentially figuring out that between a few concussions and PTSD my eyes and vision could not relax to work properly -- and that getting the eyes to work is more about relaxation. I've gone from a -4.75 x 1.75 x 180 progressives in my glasses to working on actually improving my vision. Currently in - 2.5 x .5 x 180. I know that actually changing my vision will take time. While it can be frustrating being in "weaker" lenses, I know that for MY goals improving my vision naturally will improve my health, that my eyes are connected to my brain and that if I want long term brain health, that will come with vision health. Dr. Kruger has worked with me on my goals at my pace, while also teaching me big picture concepts that help me work on my vision in my day to day.

- Rachel V.

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